We are committed to making veterinary anesthesia easier.

Welcome to the Advanced Anesthesia Specialists blog, “Making Anesthesia Easier”.  This is an informative and dynamic forum dedicated to anesthetizing animals.  Here we post tips, tricks, and techniques we’ve gathered over decades of clinical and academic experience.

Advanced Anesthesia Specialists (AAS) is a global leader in the design, manufacture and service of veterinary anesthesia equipment and critical care products.  AAS is owned by veterinarians who specialize in anesthesia and engineer equipment that is easy for anesthesia specialists and the general practitioner to use.


The number one priority of our company is to solve the anesthetic challenges for veterinarians and ensure patient safety.  We develop innovative anesthesia equipment to help save veterinarians money by lowering anesthetic gas costs.  We also improve the environment by reducing the waste gas pollutants produced during anesthetic procedures.

To that end, we established the Darvall® brand of veterinary anesthesia equipment and supplies, including warming blankets, heated and non-heated breathing circuits, zero dead space (ZDS) breathing masks, and veterinary laryngoscopes.  And we provide technical services, expertise, and continuing education for veterinarians and technicians around the world.

Founded by Dr. Colin Dunlop (former Head of Anesthesia at the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital) the Advanced Anesthesia Specialists team has extensive background in veterinary anesthesia, engineering, animal safety, and technical services.  With offices established in Australia, the United Kingdom, and China, we now bring new advances in anesthesia to the United States and Canada.  Advanced Anesthesia Specialists, and Darvall® brand products represent the highest quality in veterinary anesthesia equipment and supplies for veterinarians, veterinary anesthetists, and research scientists.

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