About DarvallVet


DarvallVet is the North American subsidiary of Advanced Anesthesia Specialists, a global leader in the design, manufacture and service of veterinary anesthesia equipment and critical care products.  AAS is owned by veterinarians who specialize in anesthesia and engineer equipment that is easy for anesthesia specialists and the general practitioner to use.  The number one priority of our company is to solve the anesthetic challenges for veterinarians and ensure patient safety.

We focus our research on developing innovative anesthesia equipment that helps save the veterinarian money by lowering anesthetic gas costs.  We also improve the environment by reducing the waste gas pollutants produced during anesthetic procedures.  We have now expanded operations to include North America bringing these new advances in anesthesia to the United States and Canada.



Ken Crump
Director of Operations, North America

“I retired from being an animal anesthetist to live out my Hobbit-phase as a writer and grandpa.  But the idea of working again with my old friend and colleague Colin Dunlop was just too enticing.  So, I accepted his offer to join DarvallVet.”

After six years in cancer research and ten years with the Anesthesia Section at the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Ken Crump joined the Clinical Oncology Service of the CSU Flint Animal Cancer Center as its Head Technician.  Ken has authored two books, many scientific abstracts and articles, and made dozens of Continuing Education presentations on veterinary anesthesia (and other topics) across the United States and in Canada.  Ken retired from Colorado State University in 2008.

Amity Justice
Executive Coordinator

“There’s nothing I like more than sitting on my porch with a fresh cup of coffee and watching the sun awaken my small mountain town in Arizona.”

Amity holds a degree in Business Administration with a concentration on Computer Information Systems from Colorado State University.  She has co-owned a mobile large animal veterinary practice for more than fifteen years and has experience with veterinarians and the business of veterinary medicine.  Over the years she has implemented successful processes for customer service, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory management, and has trained and managed many office and veterinary assistant positions.  She was also Council Director for Girls on the Run, a transformational learning program for girls 8 – 13 years old.  Amity loves to spend time at home with her two teenage boys, her extended family of dogs, and her miracle kitty Boodle.

Dr. Colin Dunlop – Founding Manager

“When the earth floods from global warming, swimmers will rule the world.  And I will be their king!”

Colin Dunlop is a graduate of the University of Sydney and a Specialist in Veterinary Anesthesia. His career path includes House Surgeon (University of Glasgow), Resident in Anesthesia/Critical Patient Care, (University of California, Davis), Assistant Professor ‘Clinical Sciences’, Associate Professor and Chief of the Anesthesia Section (Colorado State University).

Colin is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Anesthesiologists. His research interests include prevention of anesthesia morbidity and mortality. He consults in anesthesia and critical care for small and large animal practice, biomedical research and provides Continuing Education programs for veterinarians and veterinary nurses world-wide.

Melissa (Mel) Mozley BSc
Veterinary Nurse
Customer Service & Technical Support

“I thoroughly enjoy working at AAS; talking to and helping out vet practices with their anesthetic needs. When I’m not at work, you will find me up on Sydney’s Central Coast, hanging out with other fitness junkies, spending time with the family and friends and definitely at the beach.  Along with a very supportive husband and two children, I also have a little white cat and a white Dalmatian/cross pup.”

Mel Mozley is originally from New Zealand and moved to Delaware, USA at the age of 10.  She started working in the local vet practice at 15 and continued until University graduation, when she moved to Sydney, Australia with her family (1996).  She worked in a veterinary general practice in Sydney until she started as a Specialist Veterinary Nurse in a large referral practice in 1997.

Mel moved to Maui, HI in 1998 where she worked as a vet tech and windsurfed.  Upon returning to Sydney in 2000, she went back to the Veterinary Specialist Centre as their Nursing Unit Manager. During the next 10 years, she married and had two children.  She left veterinary nursing in 2010 when her older child started school.  Colin immediately asked her to join the AAS team.

Wendy Torok-Mayer
Veterinary Nurse Cert IV
Customer Services Representative

“I love my seven cats, having fun with my family and friends, and exploring the beautiful city of Sydney, where I have now resided for more than 20 years.”

Wendy Torok-Mayer came to AAS, after 15 years as a Surgical Veterinary Nurse in a busy inner city practice.  Having always had a particular interest in veterinary anesthesia and surgery, her role at AAS has allowed her to expand her knowledge in that area. Wendy is also passionate about Veterinary Nurse education and animal welfare.  She enjoys volunteer work for many animal protection societies, such as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) and Cat Protection Society.

Brooke Koster
Clinical Anesthesia Instructor

“Nurses highly skilled in veterinary anesthesia not only help provide a higher quality of patient care, but also take the pressure off the veterinarians.”

Brooke Koster has been a Veterinary Nurse for ten years, developing a specific interest in anesthesia working alongside Dr Colin Dunlop.  Brooke and Colin have run anesthesia workshops and other training programs for veterinary nurses and veterinarians throughout Australia, Hong Kong, and China. Brooke presented What Veterinary Nurses Do In Australia at the 2010 South China Small Animal Veterinary Conference, to help promote the emerging Veterinary Nurse technician role and training programs in China.  In 2011 Brooke and Colin made an instructional video on anesthesia for Jurox, which is now used for staff training.

Simon Rodie
Marketing Communications

“In a working life, one seldom gets the chance to collaborate with truly creative people. I’m lucky … I have worked with maybe three in mine, and one of those is undoubtedly Colin Dunlop. He never stops looking for better, smarter and safer ways to anesthetize animals. It’s fun to work with a true innovator. In my spare time I like to hang out with my son Max. He’s an innovator too!”

Simon Rodie has developed a unique and broad set of skills working in advertising, sales and marketing, media and communications, education and training.  He has been involved in marketing communications with AAS since 1998.

Simon’s career has touched diverse industries including healthcare, fashion, not-for-profit, education and training, recruitment, as well as transport and logistics.  He’s worked with organizations that include Reader’s Digest, McCann-Erickson, Saatchi and Saatchi, News Limited, Consolidated Press, Ted Noffs Foundation, Wesley Mission, Study Group, Kaplan International Colleges, RailCorp and Sydney Ferries.

AAS United Kingdom

Our focus in the UK is to make anesthesia easier by offering a streamlined array of products and services targeted specifically to the needs of veterinary practitioners and researchers in the UK. To enhance our sales and service capabilities, AAS works with the following wholesalers and distributors in the United Kingdom:


Vet Inst UK

Tel: +44 114 2588530

Web: https://www.veterinary-instrumentation.co.uk/

AAS China

Our focus in China is to make anesthesia easier by offering a streamlined array of products and services targeted specifically to the needs of veterinary practitioners and researchers in China. Our friendly team have local knowledge coupled with advanced clinical skills in anesthesia. Added to this is a philosophy on providing superior customer service. As we say back home … we go the extra kilometer!

Eric T Omura
Manager of Operations, AAS China

“Satisfaction of a job being well done—execution is everything”

After getting his college degree in the United States 35 years ago, Eric Omura went into marketing where he has been ever since. His career  specialty is the China market, and he’s worked for numerous multinational companies in developing various Asian markets.  The fact that he’s well traveled and speaks four languages has helped a lot in his communication in many different countries.  Traveling around Asia is like walking in his own backyard.

Eric is a devoted husband, and father of two daughters, but his second greatest joy in life is to be with his Shar-pei.



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